The App your pet would choose

Making it quick and simple to manage all aspects of daily pet care, wellbeing and treatment

  • Synchronise and share important information
  • Create a new and constant marketing channel
  • Automated reminders lead to less missed appointments
  • Full functionality free for owners to use
  • Premium breed specific content available as in-app purchase

For many people their pet is their best friend and a genuine part of the family. This app recognises the pivotal role of a pet in an owner's life and makes it quick and simple to manage all aspects of daily pet care, wellbeing and treatment.

Linking the app to routine practice interactions makes it quick and simple to stay in touch about appointments, reminders and routine treatment using push notifications. It creates an opportunity to make useful connections between your clients and other relevant service providers such as doggy day care or groomers.

Delivering a fully integrated service opens an ongoing communication channel that will maximise revenue and build genuine brand loyalty. The app is free to use but is built on a 'freemium' model with optional in app purchase of additional content such as fact sheets about homecare and breed specific information packs.

In addition to building client engagement the app is shown to significantly reduce the time practice staff spend dealing with client queries. Within the trusted framework of the app lengthy phone calls are replaced with quick updates and emails with photos

About the software

Educate your clients on vital topics of pet health and wellbeing

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